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Saturday nite we watched Wordplay, the excellent documentary about crossword puzzles. It fits
with my resolution to become a better puzzler solver. Afterwards mom, my sister and I
finished - together, instead of taking turns as we've been doing all week - a puzzle together.
It seemed a very fitting way to followup the movie.
The movie is great. If you love puzzles, check it out.
If you like this one you'd probably like Word Wars (or the even better book Word Freak), both
about Scrabble,
and vice versa.

On a related note I've been reading
a great book called The Know-It-All by AJ Jacobs in which he attempts to read the entire
encylopedia Brittanica in an attempt to become smarter.
This is akin to Word Freak author Stephen Fastis (of the WSJ) interviewing scrabble players
in attempt to better his game.

I've emailed Jacobs to try to arrange an interview for Blogcritics.
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